Diaries, Notebooks and Planners to Help You with Your Rainy Days and Holidays

RDH have recently launched a range of diaries, notebooks and planners


“What’s the relevance to Rainy Days and Holidays?” you might ask.

Well, as wonderful as technology is, with all its electronic calendars, schedulers, notepads, etc., there’s something to be said for good old pen and paper books. They are still very useful and worth keeping handy.

Aside from the mundane day-to-day record keeping and planning that these books serve, Diaries and Planners are great for keeping track of birthdays, important dates and holidays. It’s always a good thing to be aware of important dates and events that are coming up and can help you better prepare for them.

When it comes to crafting, cooking, sporting, you name it…, having a little notebook around can mean the difference between a beautiful masterpiece vs a throw-away flop! For the not so creative, a notebook comes in very handy for jotting down ideas you’ve come across during conversation, while passing a shop window, or any situation you find yourself in where you weren’t specifically looking for a specific idea, but want to remind yourself about it later.

This brings us to birthdays…. So often, even months before a person’s birthday, you’ll be in conversation with them and they’ll say something like, “If you ever want to get me something, I’d really like a [fill in the blank]”. Or, “Gee, I wish I had a [fill in the blank].” You then make a mental note to remember said item and by the time their birthday comes around you’ve completely forgotten you even had the conversation.

How about you have a page in a notebook for each of the special people in your life, and each time a scenario similar to the one above happens, as soon as possible after said conversation, you discretely write down what they said they wanted? You then don’t have to stress your brain, and you get to delight them on their birthday with something they really want or need.

rainy days and holidays journals, notebooks and plannersThen, there’s the creatives. Crafters, Artists, Musicians, Seamstresses, Knitters, Bakers and Candle Stick Makers. Everyone starts a good idea or project with rough outlines or sketches. Yes, we are aware that some of the best inventions started out as a sketch on the back of a napkin. But for most, it’s that little notebook that’s always to hand for the unexpected moment that a brilliant idea pops into one’s head. You’ve heard it said that creative people keep a notebook next to their bed while they’re sleeping? Good ideas aren’t always brought about on command, and it’s a good thing to be prepared for when they do happen.

Planning a trip? Designing your cosplay outfit? Organizing an event? Keeping track of your child’s accomplishments through their school career? Once you start to list the uses and benefits, well….  the mind boggles…

A dedicated notebook for a dedicated purpose often works best.

And what about journaling? This is a topic all on its own. However, suffice to say, journaling of any type (gratitude, prayer, relationship, family outings, etc.) relies heavily on the tools required: a pen and a decent sized notebook.


What makes a notebook special and different from any other?

You may think there’s not much to say about the blank, grid or lined pages inside. A notebook’s a notebook, right? A diary’s a diary, right.


Overall, there are two factors that make a ‘blank’ book special:

On the inside: In addition to the blank pages, the book may contain interesting or relevant content and design specific to the notebook’s purpose.

On the outside: It’s about the cover. You might like hip and happening funky patterns, whereas Aunt Grace would prefer to be looking at her pretty pink floral diary every day.

Many people give diaries and notebooks as gifts. Think about this: Would you prefer to receive a notebook that has a plain manufacturer-branded cover, or would you be more impressed to receive a gift of a diary or notebook where the cover ‘spoke’ to who you are? I’d place my bet on the latter. All our diaries and notebooks have covers that are appealing enough to be considered ‘gift worthy’.

(Yes, we do have some ‘blank’ covers, however these are specifically so due to the nature of the book – which we’ll explain in another post.)

We’ve partnered up with d-zine hub again (they worked with us on Snowflakes Coloring Book), who have assisted with design and publishing and we are pleased to have a bunch of books already up on Amazon and their extended outlets. Take a look here.

Keep a look out for more diaries, notebooks, journals and planners coming your way, as well as digital downloads of same for your personal use.

Wishing you Sunny Days, and
happy journaling!

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